Boujiest NFL Stadiums Across the US, Ranked

Boujiest NFL Stadiums Across the US, Ranked

From rags to running backs, who is the boujiest of them all? Football has the reputation of being a good ole’ American sport. With humble traditions like tailgates in parking lots and hot dogs from under a warming rack, it’d be a logical next step to think of NFL games as no-fuss, no-frills. While that may be true for some, some stadiums say, “Go big or go home.” 

The proletarians of the “pigskin” sport exist in every NFL fan base, but some stadiums are better when it comes to providing luxury. Whether it’s caviar-level concessions or immaculate urinals (oxymoronic, perhaps?), we ranked all 30 NFL stadiums against factors like bathrooms, premium parking, and luxury suite availability to determine the boujiness score for each. So, which stadiums boast opulence, and which ones fumble? 

Key Findings:

SoFi Stadium ranks #1 boujiest stadium, thanks to advanced tech

Chicago Bears’ Soldier Field ranked the lowest out of all 30 stadiums

Best bathrooms go to The Minnesota Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium

The boujiest NFL stadiums of all time

Roll out the red carpet because not one but two special teams are in town! The boujiest NFL arena goes to…SoFi Stadium! Home to the LA Chargers and LA Rams, these teams can rightfully flaunt their Hollywood roots. Scoring a 100/100 on the boujee scale, SoFi swiftly takes first place. It shouldn’t come as any surprise, as this stadium also coughed up the largest chunk of cash to build. With a dizzying investment of $5.5 billion, the SoFi Stadium builders knew they were aiming for gold. With so many decimal points behind that number, it seems well-deserved!

Money alone doesn’t earn SoFi the reigning first place. Putting fame to their Silicon Valley name, this arena had the vision of being tech-forward. Having some of the most state-of-the-art technology in the league, like its wrap-around mega screen and digital twinning technology, easily earns it the title of The NFL’s Boujiest Stadium. 

Can I get a yeehaw? The second boujiest NFL arena goes to the AT&T Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys! Besides having a rowdy good time, these ranchers are clicking their heels and clinking their champagne glasses with a boujee score of 99/100. Coming in first place also for having the highest capacity (although MetLife wins with the highest seated capacity), AT&T Stadium has an obligation to make over 80,000 fans happy. With such a large number, you can expect some fancy finds. A fabulous feature of the stadium is its display screens. It’s the world’s largest, and very first center-hung HDTV video board, measuring 160 feet by 72 feet at a cost of $40 million. A pretty penny, but absolutely worth the investment as the Cowboy’s home ranks #2 most boujee stadium.  

Third on the list of lavishness is the Empower Field at Mile High, the Denver Broncos turf. Empower Field ranks #3 with a boujee score of 81/100. Having recently undergone a renovation this year and an initial investment of $400 million, it makes sense that the stadium ranks high. With 144 luxury suites and 116 concession stands, fans have so much more than the game to enjoy. Better yet, their concession stands have $5 menu items for those with a champagne taste on a beer budget. 

Honorable and elegant mentions go to the runner-ups: Gillette Stadium in fourth place, U.S. Bank Stadium in fifth place, Hard Rock Stadium in sixth, and Allegiant Stadium- you’re all fancy front-runners too!

NFL stadiums with the lowest boujee rankings

We can’t all be bad and boujee- and that’s okay too. While some stadiums flaunt flashiness others keep it a bit more simple. Fewer bathrooms, very luxury suites, and sub-par parking options contributed to B-grade boujiness. 

The, err, humblest of all stadiums goes to Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears. Despite its prime location, the stadium itself offers far fewer amenities than the competition. Soldier Field hasn’t received any major renovation since 2003, making it a mark behind the other high-tech arenas. Fans aren’t protected from the harsh conditions during the winter on-season as it doesn’t have any dome fixtures, unlike other Northern arenas. Soldier Field also ranks as the smallest stadium in the NFL meaning less food offerings, box seats, and other luxury items. On the plus side, the Bears have 8 NFL championships and 1 Super Bowl ring to brag about. Let’s celebrate that!

New York is home to some of the best…and worst stadiums. With MetLife ranking #9 of the NFL’s boujiest stadiums, it might come as a shock that just a couple of hours away is the second least boujee stadium: Highmark Stadium. The Buffalo Bills might have one of the lowest build costs at $145 million (chump change, really) meaning a much smaller amount of luxury boxes and high-tech offerings. 

The third-least boujee stadium goes to Paycor Stadium, home to the Cincinnati Bengals. Paycor Stadium also ranks as a small stadium at a 65,515 seated capacity. On the plus side, their bathroom score was a 70/100 with 114 restrooms available throughout the stadium. When we look at the number of bathrooms per attendee, we get 575 people per bathroom, at full attendance. Yikes!

A royal flush: fanciest bathrooms in the league

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the best bathroom of them all? You might be thinking, is a toilet really considered fancy? Scott Jenkins, the general manager of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium says it best, “It seems unremarkable to most people, but, trust me, you invite 70,000 people to your house and you get the bathrooms wrong — you’ve got a huge problem.” If you do the math, he’s got a point. A $6,000 ticket with a 30-minute bathroom wait is essentially almost a grand just to pee!

The best in the bathroom league goes to…The Minnesota Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium. Offering an exorbitant amount of lavish loos, the U.S. Bank Stadium scored an incredulous 100/100. It’s worth noting that Allegiant Stadium came in a close second with its 297 restrooms. With 1,430 toilets you can get back to the game quickly and lap in the life of luxury. SoFi Stadium came in third place with its toilet technology securing them the bronze bathroom medal.

Cushy concessions: fanciest food stands in the NFL stadiums round-up

Step aside, hot dogs. Surf and turf is here! Well, there might not be any NFL stadiums serving actual steak, but there still are some lavish lunch options to go with the game! Get ready to munch down on some Lobster Rolls because the New England Patriots Gillette Stadium comes in first place for boujiest concessions. Offering some of the most iconic Boston classics as well as simply having a large quantity of food stands, this stadium takes the cake (or corn dog). 

The second-place winner for boujiest concessions goes to Empower Field at Mile High. In 2019, the Bronco home changed catering to Aramark which then sought to offer more local partnerships and multicultural cuisine. The result? Luxurious fare that earned them a concession boujee score of 81/100. Chefs kiss, Broncos!

It shouldn’t be any surprise that the third boujiest concession stand winner comes from a stadium named after a restaurant franchise. Hard Rock Stadium ranks #3 boujiest concessions at a score of 67/100. With almost 100 concession stands in the arena, fans have plenty of opulent options to choose from.

A boujee brief 

We’re hut, hut, hiking into VIP with these top boujee NFL stadiums as the season carries on. Whether it’s the first-in-class bites or toilets fit for royalty, there are clear winners on the list and with billions of dollars in combined investment, it’s no surprise! So get bad, get boujee, and go buy your box tickets to the boujiest stadiums across the NFL.


Using quantitative observation, web scraping, and secondary data we were able to collect the different metrics from all 30 NFL stadiums, where we then weighted each factor according to importance and relevance. We then combined these numbers to create a score and rank regarding the “boujeeness” of each stadium.

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Author: Gerald Griffin